Friday, November 11, 2011


It was a peaceful Wednesday night and I had just returned from the car wash. I got my car 'shining shimmering spick and span' while I was ready to fill my tummy with dinner cooked by mom in law. I unlocked the front door, gave my salam while making my way upstairs to change my clothes. All happy, I was humming while coming down the stairs.. I then entered the kitchen to grab my dinner. I turned to the stove only to see a MOUSE (okay so it's not even a rat, it was a mouse) nicely walking about on the STOVE where dinner was. The pot of curry didn't have its lid on and the mouse was roaming about next to it and the other two dishes. 

I SCREAMED AND RAN out of the kitchen as though I had just seen a lion. 

Note : I was home alone, mom and dad in law took the sister in law to the clinic as she was down with fever. 

Heart beating at 100km/hr, I calmly (or so I tried) sat myself down on the living room couch and immediately sent a text message to my husband who was working night shift. Of course, I didn't want to sound like I was such a coward so the text message sounded pretty cool, like I wasn't even freaked out by the tiny grey fella. My husband then replied saying that the pest control came earlier that day and sprayed the whole house, probably the reason all these creepy crawlers are making an appearance - NOT WELCOMED

Shortly after sending and replying text messages with my husband, in laws came home. Unusual for me to be sitting in the living room, they asked if I had eaten. I quickly told mom in law to throw the exposed curry as I had seen a mouse taking a stroll near it and I don't know if it dipped itself in the curry so its best to just throw it away. Dad in law asked whether the mouse is still in the kitchen, I've absolutely no clue to that but the kitchen window was closed so there was really no exit for the little fella. Both parents then made their way to the kitchen to investigate, I as you would have guessed, stayed on the couch. 

A few seconds after I heard "Nawwar!". Mom in law called me from the kitchen, she told me to point out to which dish and as I was pointing out......... dad in law said "Haaaaaahhhh!! Tu dia!" 

Out of shock, I screamed (extremely loud), jumped so high as though there was a trampoline placed on my foot, hopped 3 times from the kitchen all the way to the dining area as though I was competing in the Olympics long jump and landed on my all 5 toes. Only this time, all 5 toes were folded like curry puff and It wasn't nicely placed on the ground. 

Nice eh? 

I didn't feel a thing until I lied down in my room trying to calm myself down from the embarrassment and shock. Then slowly my feet felt numb. I slowly put both feet on the ground and stood up. Aha! There you go! I couldn't feel my toes! Panicked, I called my husband. Great, he didn't pick up. I got out of the room and called my sister in law, told her to feel my toes. She called mom in law and mom in law called dad in law. 

Fuhhh the commotion!  

Funny how they just got back from the clinic because SIL has fever and now they're going back to the clinic to bring daughter in law due to fractured foot. The pain started kicking in by the time we reached the clinic. It-was-excruciating! DIL borrowed the clinic's wheelchair, Alhamdulillah how convenient. There were so many sick patients waiting and I was a little embarrassed to be in a wheelchair but everyone in that sick hall could tell I was in pain. 

It was finally my turn to see the doctor. He took an x-ray of my foot, just in case I dislocated or broke my bone (I swear it felt like my entire bone on the right just moved towards the left). The doctor said "Good news! Your bones are intact. Not broken, not dislocated. You must've sprained your muscle so I'm going to give you a jab to reduce the pain". Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful to Allah to have been given the chance to walk in less than a week insha'Allah. It could have been worse but at least my bones are not affected by the accidental jump.

Recalling the incident gives me the giggles, I can't help but to laugh! Thankful to Allah at the same time that It wasn't anything serious but it still leaves me with a swollen foot that looks like a balloon, Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal.  


  1. Alamak.. Mesti rasa tak best.. Baru jadi menantu dah terkena hantar klinik by MIL and FIL.. Apapun doa Ayoh Wang supaya semuanya baik baik saja.

  2. اشهد ان علی حجة الله